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How to Choose the perfect hat

How to choose the perfect hat for you???

The hat is very popular accessory for summer and spring.

woman hat

woman hat

What kind of look will you want to achieve? If the hat is to work with a tailored suit or dress, it will need to be more formal and have a structured look. Perhaps a trilby – they always look great with tailored styles.

For summer, it could be in a lightweight material such as straw, rather than anything too heavy such as felt or velvet (which is perfect for winter, and teamed with heavier fabrics).

If the hat is complementing a floaty dress or a two-piece in a soft fabric, a larger hat with a soft brim would work perfectly. And remember, you should always take the outfit that you intend to wear with you when you select your hat – they’re not easy to exchange and a bad buy could be a costly mistake.

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Lingerie according to body shape

Well, we all know that there are a few body shapes we all belong to. The list includes: hourglass, pear, apple and boyish shapes.

Of course any of these shapes, except hourglass one, have some ‘problem areas’ a woman might want to hide. Let’s speak about those and try to determine how to choose to make the most of any figure.

marisa miller in lingerie

Hour Glass shape

As I have already mentioned you are lucky to have this figure type. Your curves and a small waistline look feminine and sexy in any . I would say there is nothing you can’t wear. But the best for you is a corset as it extra-emphasizes your sexy hips and a tiny waist. Solid colors and prints, embroidery and other details – all these will make you look gorgeous!

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Thigh-high boots

Thigh-length boots, known also as thigh-high boots or simply thigh boots, are boots that extend above the knees. Other synonyms include over-the-knee boots (OTK boots), and especially when cuffed, pirate boots. Lengths vary from reaching just over the knee to reaching almost to the crotch (referred to as crotch boots).

thigh high boots

Like all boots, thigh boots are made of different materials ranging from various leathers, to various synthetic materials (vinyl, polyurethane, or latex), to various fabrics (silk, polyester microfiber). Many are constructed with zippers for ease of entry, but some are constructed as pull-on boots. Heel heights vary, but the majority are sold either as flats or with heels greater than three inches (7.5 cm). Heel styles vary from metal spikes to chunky. Like other boots, they can also have platform soles.

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What to Wear with Ankle Boots

In all honesty, ankle boots are probably my least favorite style of women’s footwear.

It’s not that I dislike ankle boots for what they are, it’s more that I dislike how they’re worn — which is often in the most unflattering way possible.


I blame the media. Okay, that’s a cop out, and technically, I am part of the media, so I guess that statement needs a little clarification.

What I mean to say is that what we see on the runways and in fashion magazines does not always translate well for our own bodies and lives.

For example, ankle boots with cropped leggings or shorter tights is a definite “don’t” for women who have shapely calves. Even women who are on the thin side have to be careful as the combination seems to chop inches off your height while adding bulk to your legs.

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How To Be Stylish

If you want to be stylish, it is not mandatory to follow other’s trend. You can look attractive by making your own style statement. Your originality may even turn heads and set you apart from the crowd.
However, if you are not quiet sure about what to choose from, when it comes to your attire, accessories, hairstyle and footwear, you will perhaps need assistance. We are here to help you with some useful tips, which will surely help you learn how to be stylish and make your personal style statement.

5 Fashion Tips for Great Work Style

Whether you’re shooting for your first job or your next promotion, appearances count now more than ever. You wanted to know the new rules, so we got execs to spell them out.

women office

women office

1. Wear clothes that impress.

“I like to say that every day is showtime,” says Los Angeles public relations guru Harris Shepard.

Bosses we spoke with around the country agree: The trend is to look “pulled together” (a phrase that came up again and again). Choose the more tailored option—the pants, not the capris; the shirtdress, not the sundress. A no-fail rule from designer Liz Lange:

“Dress like the women execs at your company.”

And if they wear hose, so should you

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10 tips to feel comfortable in any bra

Sometimes knowing your right bra size isn’t enough to feel comfortable in your new and/or old bra. There are simple tips to follow to make sure the bra fits well and makes you feel good. After all, your bra is just a piece of lingerie that’s supposed to boost your confidence rather than cause trouble.


When wearing a bra make sure that:

1.      The cups are filled out so they fit smoothly. If there are wrinkles, you may need a smaller cup size. In cotton/spandex underwire bras, there should be a little excess fabric in the cups in case of shrinkage. If there is overflow at the top, under the arms, you should try a larger cup size.

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