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Top 10 bracelets May 2010

May is the latest month of Spring and it hot as Summer month. You can accessory you with amazing jewelry and I have Top 10 must have bracelets May 2010.

jewelry spring 2010

jewelry spring 2010

I like these 10 bright, vintage and green bracelets May 2010.

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Massive jewelry trend for Spring-Summer 2010

jewelry summer 2010

If you glance at catwalk shows Spring/Summer 2010, the first thing that catches your eye will be the fact of replacing the large and bright plastic accessories with massive metal ornamented jewelry.

jewelry trends massive jewelry spring-summer-2010

jewelry trends massive jewelry spring-summer-2010

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A lot of fashion designers took a great interest in shining gold, silver, bronze.

But plastic jewelry is on top of fashion trends too.

Massive bracelets, necklaces and earrings out of different metals have appeared in the collections of most brands – from Giorgio Armani, Dolce Gabbana, and Bottega Veneta and Valentino.

Variety of huge jewelry in fashion collection is surprising.

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Spring motifs – Butterfly Jewelry

Jewelry in the butterflyshape or with fluttering moths embody the desire for fusion with love, happiness, longevity.

Butterfly gives its owner the enchanting magic of the freedom and perfection.

So I want to present you Hot Jewelry with Butterfly under $25.

You can add these beautiful jewelry to your spring and summer style.

Brown Austrian Rhinestone Beads Butterfly Copper Tone Necklace

butterfly necklace for Summer 2010
Price: $9.95 ($24.95)

Brown Austrian Rhinestone Beads Butterfly Copper Tone Necklace is presented by Fashion Jewelry and made of Copper-Tone and rhinestone.

Purple Austrian Rhinestone Beads Butterfly Flower Brass ToneNecklace

Purple Austrian Rhinestone Beads Butterfly Flower Brass ToneNecklace

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Petting ring for Jolie and Aguilera

New pics from promo album were presented by famous singer Christina Aguilera.

On the cover of the “Bionic” she poses in futuristic style: blond hair, massive jewelry and erotic ring on her fingers.

This strange ring is made by Betony Vernon and named “Petting” Sex Ring.

In 2007 on June cover of Esquire another celebrity wore “Petting” Sex Ring – Angelina Jolie.

The ring cost $1,250‎ and presented in limited edition.

angelina jolie Betony Vernon

Jewelry trends S/S 2010: Bracelets trends for Spring/Summer 2010

Accessories are very important! And now I want to talk about braselets!

Bottega Veneta

Rock and roll jewelry like studded headbands and bracelets are in.

Chain necklaces, bracelets and bracelet rings are feminine with an edge.

Giambattista Valli jewelry trends spring 2010

Giambattista Valli jewelry trends spring 2010

Statement jewelry, such as huge rings, have been turning heads. It seems that jewelry for spring 2010 is all about the bold and edgy.

Whenever there is such statement jewelry, it’s important to style it conservatively, which means have one piece outshine the other elements of the outfit. If wearing a huge chain bracelet, complement it with a more basic outfit.

Louis Vuitton jewelry trends spring 2010

Louis Vuitton jewelry trends spring 2010

Hermes bangles spring 2010

Hermes bangles spring 2010

jewelry trends spring 2010: Gucci bangles

jewelry trends spring 2010: Gucci bangles

Swarovski descendant launches crystal jewelry line


As a member of the famed Austrian crystal family, Vanessa Swarovski Piedra grew up around beautiful sparkling objects. Now she’s creating a few of her own.


Swarovski Piedra, the great-great-granddaughter of Swarovski Corp. founder Daniel Swarovski, launched a jewelry collection this fall featuring Swarovski crystals under her own brand, VSP. And plans for the brand extend beyond jewelry, including candles, crystal-studded pashminas and throws, and crystal-adorned furniture.


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Spring 2009 Jewelry Trends

Spring 2009 is in the air.


So for all of you who are extremely busy with your own home jewellery businesses I thought some hints on the key trends might be helpful.

As always we must begin with color. There are three important color stories for the season.

The first is black and white.

The new take for this graphic combo is floral. Pretty all over large flowers. What’s really fresh for black and white is taking it in a less slick direction and adding a more textural attitude.

I believe using fabric wrapped beads, printed ceramic, and glass beads from India that are imperfect is a great way to achieve a crisp but natural look for this palette.


Coral and yellow is the warm palette this spring/summer. Look to the continent of India for inspiration.

Use patterned beaded and etched metals to complement your colors. Antique finished on metal, and rose gold platings can really make this theme a bit more directional.

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