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Blake Lively Chanel’s Newest Face


Blake Lively for Chanel

Blake Lively for Chanel

Blake Lively is on a roll! The fashion beauty, who already has a Christian Louboutin shoe named after her, has been tapped to front Chanel’s new Mademoiselle handbag line, reports WWD.

“She’s a kind of American dream girl” says designer Karl Lagerfeld of the French design house’s newest face.

The blonde beauty, who spent much of her time in Paris last July mingling with fashion royalty during the couture shows, was photographed by the designer himself at Chanel’s Rue Cambon headquarters for the new campaign. For the actress, being photographed in the historic apartment where Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel once showed her collections was humbling.

“A dream come true is an understatement. I can say that I feel like the happiest, luckiest girl around.”

Lively, whose ads are slated to run in April magazines, joins an elite club of stars who have posed for the house of Chanel, including Diane Kruger, Lily Allen and Vanessa Paradis.

“Though I am the face of [the handbag], I will carry it like every girl,” Lively said.

“I will always feel it’s more than just a purse. It’s a quilted case full of lipstick, love letters and the dreams and possibilities that I have always felt every time I see that beautiful ‘CC.’”



Vanessa Paradis for Chanel Cocoon Ads

Vanessa Paradis chanel cocoon fall 2010 ads

Actress and singer Vanessa Paradis is the face of Coco Rouge and fronts the new ad campaign Chanel Cocoon Fall 2010/Winter 2011.

Vanessa Paradis chanel cocoon fall 2010 ads

Chanel Cocoon is a handbag line.

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Alexander McQueen Accessories Fall 2010/2011

Brand of fashion genius Alexander McQueen, reveals the new accessories line Fall 2010/Winter 2011.

Alexander McQueen Fall 2010 shoes

It full of incredible shoes and amazing handbags, inspired by Byzantine art and Angels and Demons. This is the latest collection by Lee Alexander McQueen.

Alexander McQueen Fall 2010 shoes line

The shoes are presented in Alexander McQueen’s latest style – platform open toe boot.

Alexander McQueen Fall 2010 clutches line

Lee created one of the most luxe and awesome collection ever.

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Clutch Performer

Here, in a nutshell, is the problem with a clutch: It requires clutching. And, speaking as a temporary member of the 1.25-handed community , that clutching business can be a real drag.


So I was psyched to find out that Made Her Think designer Meredith Kahn is launching a capsule collection of bags based on the Fall ‘09 Made Her Think clutch that’s been haunting my dreams.

“All my friends were like, you’ve got to do something with straps,” explains Kahn, who has obliged her pals by designing six washed leather shoulder bags decorated with brass hardware.

(Plus one belt, and a brass/leather boot bracelet.) For now, Kahn is planning to limit sales of the bags to private orders, and prices will range from approximately $700 to $1,200; visit http://www.madeherthink.com to get yours.

“I’m dipping my toe in the water,” she notes. “My focus is still on making jewelry. But I always told myself that when I got to my fifth anniversary of the brand, I’d do bags, and then it just turned out that five years along was the right time.”

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Handbags: The Truth About What We Hoard In Them

Our handbags are full of rubbish- it’s official. New research has confirmed what most of us have suspected for years.


Other than the usual suspects, such as purses and keys, there were a few unusual objects in the handbag mix, like detachable car CD players and screwdrivers for repairing glasses.

Despite this, 92% of these items weren’t seen as being useful by the 1,300 women surveyed and over half of respondents (57%) admitted they only use 1-5 of those items on a regular basis.

The same five items were also voted the most useful: purse, keys, phone, pack of tissues and a pen and notebook – all of which featured higher than makeup- in the survey carried out by Kleenex.

TV psychologist Anjula Mutanda comments: “This research shows that whilst we recognise that we don’t need all these things cluttering up our handbags we do still tend to cling on to objects “just in case” – we are nurturers by nature and therefore prepare accordingly. All we really need though is just five essential items, as identified in the research, that will actually have a use on a day-to-day basis when we are out and about

“What is interesting, however, is that it’s clear from the research that today’s women are demanding both fashion and function from their handbags and the products they put in them. That suggests that we’re unwilling to compromise – basically we want it all in one handbag fix: stylish must-haves that are also useful.”

This notion is confirmed by the fact that over half (51%) of women said they wouldn’t buy something just because it looks good and a further 1 in 5 said that they liked to buy things that look stylish.

Anjula’s top tips on de-cluttering your handbag:

* Choose a bag that fits with your lifestyle and with what you need, nothing much more
* Clear out your handbag when you get in every night to rid it of those unnecessary items – only carry the essentials
* Choose a purse that does the job and no more – you don’t need a brick!
* Kick out unnecessary keys and hefty key chains

* Try weighing your things to see how realistic you are being. If they are too heavy then you could consider using compact versions wherever possible: smaller purses, a smaller notebook, a mini-sized pocket pack of tissues etc


5 Must-Have Accessories for Summer 2009

1. Lightweight Scarf

Scarves have made a comeback in recent months, and as it gets closer to summer, there’s no sign of their popularity dwindling. The July issue of Glamour magazine even suggested a lightweight scarf as a way to update and summer-ize the LBD (little black dress). The magazine also featured two white scarves with black stars on them (the magazine cites that they are from Laila Rowe and Converse One Star at Target) — the scarves look fantastic, but they have been impossible to hunt down on the Internet.


In that case, the scarf can be used as inspiration to make one’s own. Simply find a white scarf or gauze (a large one can be used as a sarong as well) and stamp or block print stars (or any design) on it. A fun, easy summer project!

2. Floppy Hat

A hat isn’t only necessary to protect one’s skin and keep the sun out of one’s eyes, it’s a cute summer accessory. There’s a wide variety of choices, from traditional wide-brim straw hats to colorful, printed fabric hats. For a steal-worthy item, try the Merona Exploded Floppy Hat, available in a black and white floral pattern at Target for only $12.99. The black and white pattern will easily go with summer’s must-have white outfits.

For a designer look, Burberry routinely has a variety of hats, and particularly for summer 2009, Juicy Couture has a $75 cotton floppy hat available in blue or pink. Each features a ribbon bow with Juicy’s signature silver heart charm.

3. Sunglasses

The common question: to purchase an expensive pair of sunglasses or numerous “cheap” pairs? Whatever one decides, the super-oversize sunglasses seem to have taken a break for the moment. Current styles are decidedly more tame (and actually more flattering — the gargantuan-sized lenses always did have a bug effect.)

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Bag trends for Spring/Summer 2009

With the huge influence of recession many designers have focused their attention on accessories rather than garments. , , of this season are very unusual and bright.


Besides, they are present everywhere, in every single collection, worn with pride and an elegant air by all the top models on the catwalk.

The handbag is no longer considered by designers as a mere accessory that can be included or may be ignored. It has become a fundamental element of a woman’s look. Its mission is not limited to practicality; it is chic and complements a woman’s personality and style.

Trends of this season very much, from highly practical huge totes to tiny eccentric clutches for evening wear. Every woman of fashion will be able to find something that suits her style and taste.

Wide, very comfortable bags in all colors imaginable – beige, white, black, metallic, gold, violet, orange, green, blue, etc. – will be extremely popular this season.

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