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Summer dress trend 2010 – one shoulder

Light, sheer, leather, bright, neutral colors and many other dresses trend Summer 2010 gives us fashion designers for this hot season.

These dresses are very feminine and have many variations.

dresses trend summer 2010

We’ve already discussed one of the glamorous dress trend Summer 2010 – little black dress >>

One shoulder dresses are popular again and again. This dress fashion occupies runways and our wardrobe solidly.

dresses trend spring-summer 2010Check out your one shoulder dress for daily wear or nightwear, or for party! One shoulder dress trend under $50 for you!

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Sexy gowns and cocktail dresses by Alberta Feretti Fall 2010/Winter 2011

Amazing long gown will be great for prom and party. Alberta Ferretti knows what to do for women’s happiness. Italian brand always on top of fashion.

Alberta Ferretti Fall 2010

Alberta Ferretti presented another masterpiece, which as always feminine chic and delicate elegance at the MilanFashion Week for Fall/Winter 2010/2011.

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Dress trends Fall/Winter 2009/2010

As summer is close to its end, more and more of us start thinking about our fall and winter wardrobes. This is pretty normal as we need time to understand what exactly we want and need, and then with a few (or plenty!!!) ideas in mind go shopping to purchase all those nice clothes we will shine in.

trends fall-winter 2009 2010

So, dear ladies, it’s time to begin. This post will give you detailed information about styles of and gowns to be most popular in the coming cold months, for Autumn-Winter 2009-2010.

Read about dresses trends for Fall/Winter 20009-2010 >>

How to Wear the Little Black Dress

Every woman has one, and it is her best friend. It is the little black dress that is perfect for unexpected dinner parties, weddings, funerals and every social event under the sun. Though every woman has a little black dress, there are some ways to spice up the way you wear it to make it seem new.



Add a belt. Especially if you have a classic sheath dress. Using a bright colored belt, or a neutral tone, is a great way to wear the little black dress with style.

Accessorize with the little black dress. Using something simple like an eye-catching clutch, or bold necklace, is a great way to wear the little black dress and show off your personality at the same time.


Wear a jacket with your little black dress to the office. It is a great way to dress up at the office without being inappropriate. This also makes it easy to transition from day to night if you are going out after work. Just take off the jacket and let your black dress shine.

Put on a pair of sassy, colorful shoes. Nothing makes a great pair of shoes stand out like wearing them with all black. Try a stunning pair of pink taffeta heels or a pair of satin maroon slides with any black dress.

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Fashion tips: choosing the right cocktail dress for your figure

While you can’t go wrong with the quintessential little black dress, you can make the most of your attributes by selecting a cocktail to enhance your figure, detracting the eye from your weak spots, and drawing attention to your assets.

You can even use jewelry to draw the eye to the neckline and away from the body entirely. Follow along with our tips for selecting the perfect cocktail dress, regardless of your shape or size. When you’re dressed to kill and you know it, you’re free to relax and enjoy the occasion, spend time making merry with friends rather than wasting energy wondering how you look.

Body Shapes

Determine your body shape, and select colors and styles to suit your general shape and flatter your figure. Then experiment with the tips for each body shape until you find your best look.


Attributes include a slender and often elongated torso, small bust, with hips and thighs proportionally larger than the torso and waist.

Toss the tight straight skirt in favor of an a-line skirt or empire waistline to de-emphasize the lower half of your body. Add padded shoulders to balance the top and bottom. Select a two-toned dress with the lighter or brighter color above the waist and the darker tone below the waist.

Hour Glass

Attributes include a small bone structure and waistline with bust and hips proportionally larger than the waist: in a word, voluptuous.

De-emphasize your voluptuous, abundant curves by shedding tight-fitting clothing in favor of clothing with a looser, smoother fit. Monotone colors work best by providing a sense of continuity from head to toe. Draw as much attention away from your bust and hips as possible by accessorizing with jewelry high on the neckline. If your clothing is monotone, you can wear flashier earrings as well, which draws attention to the face and away from the body.

Wear sleeves to cover the largest part of the arm. If your lower arms are shapely, you can wear 3/4 sleeves.

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The Best Little Black Dresses and Accessories

Evenings out just got better with chic cocktail ensembles. Here’s our take on that fashion favorite, the little black dress.


Get blown away by Fendi’s modern cuts this season.
From left: Fendi jacket, top, skirt, bag, shoes, dress, and shoes, prices upon request.

20s: Go for a SLEEK, SEXY VIBE for this year’s party season.

Express dress

Express dress, $168.

30s: An EMBELLISHED ELEMENT will elevate your LBD.


Liya Kebede in Chanel.

40s: Add an electric shade of NEON YELLOW to a noir moment.


Lindsay Lohan hit up the red carpet of the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards held at Paramount Pictures Studios in Hollywood last night, September 7, doing her best over-the-shoulder vampy-pout for the throngs of photographers. Why exactly she chose a VMA dress with butt zippers I do not know, but if you like the style of LL’s frock, check out Amberlynn’s very similar Midnight Maiden Dress in Plum or Ziji’s Tea Party Dress in Blue.

Later, during the show, she switched into a menswear-inspired backless tuxedo shirt and black pants, a nod to her girlfriend Samantha Ronson’s affinity for menswear, perhaps? Either way, I really wasn’t feeling either of Lohan’s outfits last night. In other LiLo news, it seems that she turned down a recent offer from Playboy to pose for the magazine per Hugh Hefner’s request.

Save your pennies, Playboy… we’ve all sent it already in LL’s Marilyn Monroe spread in New York Magazine! Instead, there are rumors swirling that Lohan has her heart set on having a child with lover Ronson, as sources say that “Lindsay’s been having deep discussions about a baby [with Sam].

She wants a natural birth and has spoken to Sam about getting one of her ex-boyfriend’s to help out. They don’t want to adopt.” That’s why it’s good to stay friends with the ex- they make great sperm donors!