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Top 10 bracelets May 2010

May is the latest month of Spring and it hot as Summer month. You can accessory you with amazing jewelry and I have Top 10 must have bracelets May 2010.

jewelry spring 2010

jewelry spring 2010

I like these 10 bright, vintage and green bracelets May 2010.

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Alexander McQueen Accessories Fall 2010/2011

Brand of fashion genius Alexander McQueen, reveals the new accessories line Fall 2010/Winter 2011.

Alexander McQueen Fall 2010 shoes

It full of incredible shoes and amazing handbags, inspired by Byzantine art and Angels and Demons. This is the latest collection by Lee Alexander McQueen.

Alexander McQueen Fall 2010 shoes line

The shoes are presented in Alexander McQueen’s latest style – platform open toe boot.

Alexander McQueen Fall 2010 clutches line

Lee created one of the most luxe and awesome collection ever.

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5 Must-Have Accessories for Summer 2009

1. Lightweight Scarf

Scarves have made a comeback in recent months, and as it gets closer to summer, there’s no sign of their popularity dwindling. The July issue of Glamour magazine even suggested a lightweight scarf as a way to update and summer-ize the LBD (little black dress). The magazine also featured two white scarves with black stars on them (the magazine cites that they are from Laila Rowe and Converse One Star at Target) — the scarves look fantastic, but they have been impossible to hunt down on the Internet.


In that case, the scarf can be used as inspiration to make one’s own. Simply find a white scarf or gauze (a large one can be used as a sarong as well) and stamp or block print stars (or any design) on it. A fun, easy summer project!

2. Floppy Hat

A hat isn’t only necessary to protect one’s skin and keep the sun out of one’s eyes, it’s a cute summer accessory. There’s a wide variety of choices, from traditional wide-brim straw hats to colorful, printed fabric hats. For a steal-worthy item, try the Merona Exploded Floppy Hat, available in a black and white floral pattern at Target for only $12.99. The black and white pattern will easily go with summer’s must-have white outfits.

For a designer look, Burberry routinely has a variety of hats, and particularly for summer 2009, Juicy Couture has a $75 cotton floppy hat available in blue or pink. Each features a ribbon bow with Juicy’s signature silver heart charm.

3. Sunglasses

The common question: to purchase an expensive pair of sunglasses or numerous “cheap” pairs? Whatever one decides, the super-oversize sunglasses seem to have taken a break for the moment. Current styles are decidedly more tame (and actually more flattering — the gargantuan-sized lenses always did have a bug effect.)

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Valentine’s Liquid Case is pretty in pink

These days most girls are bored of receiving candy and flowers for Valentine’s Day. It’s the age of technology and we expect the guys to keep up with that! That’s why you might appreciate Element Case’s Limited Edition Valentine’s Liquid Case that fits the classic iPhone and iPhone 3G. Of course, it comes in pink (you gotta give some room for romance). Your phone will be protected from all sides with this tough case. You will have access to all ports however. The case comes with flip lids that protect the screen when not in use. Also, it is good for people who like playing games on the phone as there is a little extra room to hold on.


Nancy Ogami is the designer behind this beauty. There will be a 100 of these custom back painted pearlescent pink cases each numbered and is customized with “your message or name” engraved on both the gray lid and the translucent flip lid. If you want to order one make sure you do it by February 10 the latest. The case comes with a price tag of $119.

Nina Ricci Delves Into Accessories

When the economy changes, it’s not like you want to start eating bad-tasting chocolate,” said Nina Ricci, creative director at Olivier Theyskens.

You have to stay true to what you’re doing, and the house of Nina is about luxury.”

That said, Theyskens continues to plunge forward with an expanded accessories collection, which includes a newly unveiled handbag collection and expanded footwear collection.


The handbag collection, ranging from $1,800 to $2,500, consists of hobos, shoulder bags, totes, and clutches made in luxurious leathers and textures, like the ones seen above.

“We’ve had a propensity toward so much flash the last few years,” said Theyskens, “and I wanted to make something classic with simple hardware. For shoes, Theyskens designed platform pumps and booties adorned with unexpected details. Both collections will be available come Spring.


Bad FashionTrends of 2008

New trends come round every year and 2008 has been no exception. From shoulder pads to high-waisted trousers, everyone from designers to celebrities have been sporting the trends we’re suppose to love.

As they trickle down from the catwalk to the high street, some trends have certainly been ‘interesting’ this year and have seemed to linger much longer than the S/S and A/W constrictions of any designer collection.

First to appear on the list of worse trends for 2008 are surprisingly, skinny jeans.

These are now a staple essential within most people’s wardrobes, however as they get tighter and skinnier the trend is starting to lose it appeal. They may look great tucked into boots, but they aren’t suited to everyone.

Keeping up with fashion can be tough sometimes, but skinny jeans are just plain uncomfortable. Get a pair of wide-legged jeans and breath a sigh of relief.

Second on the hit-list of awful trends to appear in 2008, has to be over-sized sunglasses.

glam_betsey_johnson_sunglassesOver-sized sunglasses have had their day now

Queen of the over-sized sunnies trend is Nicole Richie.

The tiny star wore this trend to death this year, and as the sunglasses got bigger she tended to look more ridiculous. Thankfully, this trend didn’t take off fully in the UK, we suppose the British weather is to thank for that.

Next to feel our wrath are knee-high gladiator sandals.

Chanel walked them down the catwalk, and the likes of Victoria Beckham and the Olsen twins have been spotted wearing them. These are just really ridiculous, and it was unanimously agreed they had to feature on the list.

Roisin Murph tries out the horrible knee high gladiator sandal trend

The gothic trend has been huge this year and has been recognised as a great trend of 2008 but things went a little to far when people started wearing black lipstick to match. This look just didn’t quite hit the mark and unlike most trends shown on the catwalk, the high street was reluctant to pick this up.

Finally to make our list is the skull motif trend.

This appeared on scarves, cardigans and hats, but it was all a bit too Pirates of the Caribbean for us. Hopefully this one will go away as quickly as it appeared. But if celebrities, like Mischa Barton and Ashley Simpson-Wentz continue to wear them, it may take pride of place on our top trends of 2009. Who knows?

FemaleFirst – Stacey Malvern

Hidden gems

Hidden gems

I recently fell in love with Karen Konzuk’s collection of stainless steel and powder-coated enamel jewellery (konzuk.com). Known for her use of unusual materials, she created the pieces with a process normally reserved for outdoor furniture and household appliances. Each stunning bangle (shown, from $180) has one of nine colours hidden inside, exposed only when you swing your wrists. I like to think of them as my little secret — and now yours, too.