Emma Watson for label People Tree

emma watson people tree Actress Emma Watson is modelling for ethical fashion brand People Tree for another season.

Fair Trade champions People Tree have just released pics of the Harry Potter starlet posing for the second collection of pieces that Emma has contributed to.

Already in stores, the range features everything from pretty dresses and slouchy T-shirts to cool checked shirts and chunky knits, all made, of course, from Fair Trade fabrics.

Emma hasn’t designed the collection but she has taken her role as collaborator very seriously. She even accompanied People Tree’s founder, Safia Minney, on a trip to Bangladesh where she got to see the difference between factories in the slums and the Fair Trade factories where the label makes its clothes. ‘Having seen the slums in Dhaka and the conditions in which these people live and work to produce ‘fast fashion’, I would say to those people that this is not the way we should be making clothes in the modern world,’ she said. ‘These workers have no rights and work every hour of the day just to feed their families. Fair Trade gives families the option to stay together, rather than one or both parents having to move to cities, and they are paid a fair wage. It empowers people and doesn’t take away their dignity.’

It’s not the only ethical clothing project that Emma is involved in – she’s also working on an organic clothing range with Alberta Ferretti which is set to make its debut in the coming months.


One response to “Emma Watson for label People Tree

  1. Emma Watson is HOT! I wish I could take her red plaid shirt off right now with her black skirt!

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