Candy Shoes Lolice

Alice in Wonderland or Lolita?

Lolice shoes by Arnautovic Belma

It’s very difficult to say which character was the main creation idea of these shoes collection called Lolice.

The new line of footwear by Belma Arnautovic is a mix of two charactes.

Belma Arnautovic is a student of the Academy of Fine Arts, Sarajevo city, and belongs to the category of creative-minded people.

Lolices shoes by Arnautovic Belma

The collection features bright colours, patent leather and objects such as sweets, beads and satin ribbons.

Fashion designer said that the inspiration for her degree work were sweets.

She can’t live without candies thats why she made candy shoes.

Also the author noted that all sweets, which framed her shoes, are not edible.

Lolice shoes by Arnautovic Belma

At first view, Lolice is unusual footwear with candy heels seem unfit to wear.

Besides, any person who saw the shoes, wants to taste them.

When woman of fashion is wearing them, she catches public views to shoes!

Very funny and so sweety!

Lolice shoes by Arnautovic Belma


4 responses to “Candy Shoes Lolice

  1. I always said shoes were yummy, and these definitely are.
    thanks for sharing!

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  3. Very creative shoe design but I doubt if my girl would like this…

  4. I’m happy u like it!
    They’re very unusual and look as part of art 😉

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