Eva Herzigova created line for Etam

Eva Herzigova has become the second supermodel, after Natalia Vodianova, to create a ready-to-wear line primarily targeted at 40-something women for French label Etam.

The line is entitled Eva Herzigova Pour 1.2.3. The supermodel launched her designs in Paris April 8 and spoke about the range.

It has been totally hands-on, no one telling me what to do and designing whatever crossed my mind,” the model said yesterday as she launched her designs at the Crillon hotel in Paris. “Having done my own clothes from when I was young in the Czech Republic, I know how things are assembled and think of each detail. I am a perfectionist and I demand a lot, and I wanted something that is affordable but also luxurious.”

The line features dailywear styles, including jeans, trench coats and gypsy skirts, as well as long silk evening gown and tailoring.

Eva has also created accessories to complement the offering, with prices ranging from €69 to €225.

Eva is a real woman, always elegant, and will bring a bit more warmth to the brand,” Laurent Milchior, co-managing director of the Etam Group, told WWD. He added that a website would be launched in July to make the collection more accessible. “It will be similar to the Web site we launched for Natalia’s [Vodianova] lingerie line for Etam.”


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