Hot Beauty Trends for the Fall 2009-Winter 2010

Spring is almost over, and the fashion world is buzzing about the best makeup colors for fall 2009.

For the eyes, one of the top fall 2009 makeup trends is rich, dark colors. Purple will be one of the best fall makeup colors, whether on the eyes or in rich berry colors on the lips – just be sure to pick only one or the other so that you don’t over do it!


Dark greens, browns, and other earthy and forest colors will be hot in fall 2009 eye shadow fashions. The emerging fashion trends emphasize a heavy accent on the eyes. Smoky eyes and dark eye shadow will also continue to be popular, so be sure to invest in some black eye shadow.

Gold and bronze are also among the best fall makeup colors coming up in the fall 2009 season. Dramatic yet feminine, with just a touch of sparkle, metallic eye shadows are sure to impress.

The fall 2009 makeup trends will emphasize either eyes or lips, leaving the other neutral. Keep your lips clean and natural looking with blush pink, brown, or peach lipstick, or lightly apply foundation over lip gloss.

If you’d rather emphasize your lips, bright reds and berry colors are the best fall makeup colors for the 2009 season. Rich reds, ranging from bright crimson to deeper, darkish reds will be popular, and, again, purple may be the hottest upcoming trend of the fall.

For nails, go for gold and bronze or dark purples. Keep the colors rich and dramatic to maintain the high-contrast feel of 2009’s fall beauty trends.

Remember, emphasize either the eyes or the lips, not both. Leave the rest of your face neutral, with just a light application of foundation and maybe a minimal brush of mascara. The natural look is in for eyebrows, so be careful not to over-tweeze.

Keep the contrasts high this fall. Makeup colors for fall 2009 will be either very bright and dramatic or very neutral and clean. Highlight your eyes with dark, smoky eye shadow, rich purples or earth tones, or dramatic metallic eye shadow and leave your lips light and neutral with
pink, peach, and light brown lipstick colors. Alternately, use just a touch of mascara and a light application of black eye shadow and bring out your lips with juicy berry colors, deep purples, and bright reds.

Follow these guidelines and you’ll be looking great for the fall 2009 fashion season!



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