How To Wear Chunky Heels

When chunky heels were popular in the 90’s, we wore them with everything. Now, the general rule of thumb is to wear chunky heels as a contrast to a slim-fitting outfit.



Chunky heels under boot-cut jeans is just too clunky. When you wear chunky heels, your pants should stop at your ankle or slimly cover only the top edge of your heel.
Wear chunky heels with skinny jeans, leggings or cropped pants.


As we saw this Spring, chunky heels look great with bare legs. Again, it’s the contrast of the chunkiness combined with the thinness of the leg that makes these heels work. For Fall, wear chunky heels with a full skirt for a super feminine look. Or, for something more sophisticated, wear chunky heels with a pencil or tulip skirt. Just make sure your hemline is no longer than knee length. To keep warm, wear a pair of tights.

Types of Chunky Heels

You can find chunky heels in other varieties, but the following are the most popular and stylish.

Chunky Heeled Oxfords
Chunky Heeled Mary-Janes
Chunky Heeled Sandals
Chunky Heeled Ankle Boots
Chunky Heeled Tall Boots



One response to “How To Wear Chunky Heels

  1. love the heels pictured! Just got some chocolate colored tights that would be perfect 🙂

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