Taming of Stubborn Curly Hair

Everyone who has straight hair seems pretty evident that curls are the gift of nature. Then why do the curly-haired women complain about the unruly character of the locks and dream to straighten them up?


The appearance of hair depends on the form of the hair follicle. People with curly hair, it reminds a coma. The hair grown out of this follicle is curled as well that’s why it has a more porous structure.

Keratin cuticle of hair covering it from the outside distributed unevenly bristles all the time and unprotected against the dust, smog, rain and snow. It’s also the reason why they don’t shine almost. They are dry and split a lot along the hair. But the roots of the curls are inclined to the greasiness.

One more problem of this hair is the much talked-about “dandelion effect”: short walk under the rain or at the damp weather (after a hard styling!) – and you get a mop of hair!

How to tame the unruling hair…

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