Tips how to flatter your figure

We can’t all be blessed with a perfect figure. However, we can wear clothes that emphasize our good points and disguise our so called bad points.

super figure

Two woman with identical bodies can look dramatically different in both size and shape simply because of the clothes they’re wearing. But how can you make the most of your body? Check out these rules to make your figure look fabulous…

1. Use light and dark colours to make your body appear more in proportion.

For example a woman with big hips and a small bust should wear slimming dark trousers or skirt and size creating light colours up top. This two pronged attack can make a huge difference to how you body looks.

2. Use horizontal and vertical stripes to widen and lengthen.

For example if you’re overweight, never wear clothes with stripes going across. This will make you seem even bigger than you are. Instead try to wear clothes with stripes going down. This will make you seem taller and as a result less dumpy.

3. Use bright colours or patterns to draw attention away from problem areas.

For example if you have a bum the size of a small country, wear a colourful or patterned top. This will help keep eyes away from your oversized natural cushion.

4. Stay away from tapered legged trousers.

Unless you have great thighs and buttocks, trousers that come in at the bottom will make you seem much fatter than you are. Trousers which are wide at the bottom will make your legs seem thinner and longer, hence the popularity of flared bottomed jeans.

5. Use scarves and pashmenas to hide, cover and emphasize.

For example a scarf around you neck will draw attention to your upper body. This can be ideal if you’re particularly heavy lower down.

6. Don’t wear clothes that are too small for you.

Fat spilling over the sides of tops and trousers is not a good look. It doesn’t make you look thinner and it definitely isn’t attractive. If you are in between sizes buy the bigger one and have it altered to fit.

7. Heels

They can make your legs look considerably longer, your bum considerably smaller and your overall appearance considerably better. They’re not for every occasion but a woman without a great pair of heels in her wardrobe is missing out on the best figure flatterer around.



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