Summer style Ideas: Wide Belts

Belts are frequently a forgotten accessory. We only think about them if our pants get loose (ha, when does that happen?) or if your dress or ensemble came with a belt already included. I know I for one, always forget about my belts and I actually have a pretty sweet collection.


So that got me thinking about how I could incorporate belts into my daily outfits without a lot of hassle.

Wide belts are probably the easiest to wear. You can just throw one on top of a tunic, button down top, sweater, long tank top, a-line dress and the list goes on.

If you have an hourglass or pear shaped body, adding a wide belt to your outfit can accentuate your tiny waist and look really sexy and figure-flattering.


If you have a round or apple shaped body, you may want to avoid wearing a belt right at your waist. If you have large breasts, a wide belt might go up under your breasts and accentuate their size even more. Round shaped women or plus size gals with most of their weight around the middle should avoid wearing belts at their waistline. Only wear wide belts if your waistline is at least 1 or more inches smaller than your hips and or thighs.

If you’ve got a belly, do NOT wear a low-slung belt! It only makes it worse. Belts emphasize width so only wear belts on the smallest part!

Everyone knows that an hourglass shape is the most desirable of all body shapes and a wide belt on top of whatever you are wearing is a great way to fake the body you’re after. It really emphasizes the hourglass shape, even if you don’t have one. A great little trick for skinny gals with no curves!

Paris Hilton and Jessica Alba (seen above) frequently wear wide belts and really know how to rock the look. Take cues from them for outfit ideas.



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