Tips for Buying a Bra

1. Molded cups shape you without padding overkill.
2. Buy a bra that fits on the loosest hook. After you’ve worn it a few months and the band begins to lose its elasticity, you can still retain support by tightening it to the second or third hook.
3. Make sure it fits: For about four years after you get your first period, your breasts will grow, so measure your bra size at least once a year. The wrong fit can lead to back and shoulder strain.
4. Four signs a bra doesn’t fit: a) You’re bulging out of the cups; b) the straps slip off your shoulders; c) it leaves marks; d) it rides up in the back.
5. Ask for a professional fitting. You may think you know your size, but asking an expert can ensure you will get perfect support.

For Big-Chested Girls:
1. For extra support, go for thicker straps.
2. A three-hook back supports a large bust.
3. Stay away from demi-cups. Full-coverage designs are better for keeping you perky and in place.

For Small-Chested Girls:
1. Try a bra with removal pads, so you can adjust your cleavage depending on your outfit.
2. Check out bras without underwire cups — if you don’t need it, it’s usually more comfortable to go without.


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