5 Must-Have Accessories for Summer 2009

1. Lightweight Scarf

Scarves have made a comeback in recent months, and as it gets closer to summer, there’s no sign of their popularity dwindling. The July issue of Glamour magazine even suggested a lightweight scarf as a way to update and summer-ize the LBD (little black dress). The magazine also featured two white scarves with black stars on them (the magazine cites that they are from Laila Rowe and Converse One Star at Target) — the scarves look fantastic, but they have been impossible to hunt down on the Internet.


In that case, the scarf can be used as inspiration to make one’s own. Simply find a white scarf or gauze (a large one can be used as a sarong as well) and stamp or block print stars (or any design) on it. A fun, easy summer project!

2. Floppy Hat

A hat isn’t only necessary to protect one’s skin and keep the sun out of one’s eyes, it’s a cute summer accessory. There’s a wide variety of choices, from traditional wide-brim straw hats to colorful, printed fabric hats. For a steal-worthy item, try the Merona Exploded Floppy Hat, available in a black and white floral pattern at Target for only $12.99. The black and white pattern will easily go with summer’s must-have white outfits.

For a designer look, Burberry routinely has a variety of hats, and particularly for summer 2009, Juicy Couture has a $75 cotton floppy hat available in blue or pink. Each features a ribbon bow with Juicy’s signature silver heart charm.

3. Sunglasses

The common question: to purchase an expensive pair of sunglasses or numerous “cheap” pairs? Whatever one decides, the super-oversize sunglasses seem to have taken a break for the moment. Current styles are decidedly more tame (and actually more flattering — the gargantuan-sized lenses always did have a bug effect.)

Once standard in black or brown, magazines are increasingly showing colored frames. Navy blue or khaki colored frames can be just as versatile and neutral as basic black, and often can spice up an outfit even more.

4. Tote bag

Not just for hanging by the pool, the tote bag is a summer essential for its casualness, roominess and all-around ease. While structured handbags call for a little more organization, a tote bag practically screams “throw all your things in.”

Totes are also nice because, although inexpensive handbags can sometimes look cheap and tacky, totes are usually plainer (without the embellishments), thus making them appear more expensive than they are. Look for a tote that’s lined — it’ll last longer and look better — and opt for simple, clean colors Canvas can get dirty quite quickly, but there’s an increasing amount of inexpensive leather versions. Invest in some leather cleaner and wipe the bag down after using — it’ll keep the fabric in tact for longer.

5. Flip Flops

What’s summer without a pair of flip flops? Rethink the foam drugstore kind (fine for a day at the beach, but not always the most stylish.) Flip flops are currently available in a variety of colors and embellishments. For a plain kind (without jewels, for example), opt for a metallic finish — whether silver, gray or a bright metallic, the flip flops will look prettier than a matte shade.

There’s an abundance of options that are dotted with jewels and crystals that sparkle pretty in the sunlight. It’s fairly easy to find versions that don’t cost a lot of money, but DIY-lovers can also purchase a pair of plain flip flops and attach their own gems. After all, that’s what the pros have done!



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