Valentine’s Liquid Case is pretty in pink

These days most girls are bored of receiving candy and flowers for Valentine’s Day. It’s the age of technology and we expect the guys to keep up with that! That’s why you might appreciate Element Case’s Limited Edition Valentine’s Liquid Case that fits the classic iPhone and iPhone 3G. Of course, it comes in pink (you gotta give some room for romance). Your phone will be protected from all sides with this tough case. You will have access to all ports however. The case comes with flip lids that protect the screen when not in use. Also, it is good for people who like playing games on the phone as there is a little extra room to hold on.


Nancy Ogami is the designer behind this beauty. There will be a 100 of these custom back painted pearlescent pink cases each numbered and is customized with “your message or name” engraved on both the gray lid and the translucent flip lid. If you want to order one make sure you do it by February 10 the latest. The case comes with a price tag of $119.


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