13 tips for tall and thin

So many girls dream of being as tall and thin as catwalk models.

They admire them, envy them, think that nature favored them with such figures absolutely undeserved.

Probably girls of this shape really look well but in many cases they have to work hard to have the body that is a dream of millions.

And skinny girls know for sure that not all garments look well on them and they must choose carefully to avoid too long and lean look.

For the girls who are the type described these tips maybe helpful in the process of selecting clothes.
Things to remember:

  1. Dress in layers, they add interest and disguise thinness.
  2. Avoid wearing bare, short and clinging clothes.
  3. Create the illusion of fullness and softness. In summer when your thinness is the most seen wear soft, fluffy fabrics.

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