How to wear & to choose stockings…

Oh, these teasing stockings…

Stockings are surely for the brave women! Being a woman I consider stocking so very much tempting! Now days they combine both modern and classic styles at the same time!

sexy stockings

sexy stockings

Nylon stockings with silicon lace are free from the garters but not necessary! Lots of women feel comfortable only with the garter on. As a rule such stockings are made with a touch of spandex and elastic that improves the tension on the leg.

Stockings help to shape your legs greatly and hide the places you want. But it’s worth mentioning that you should be careful with the size.

Don’t try to choose stockings of the smaller size because your stockings will tear soon. Use the size table on the pack.
Colored stockings are very trendy now, but don’t go too far with tracery as far as stockings are the artwork themselves!

Black nylon stockings are the sign of hyperfemininity! Black color is so perfect for your image creation depending on the transparency!

Fish net stockings are extremely brave and provocative so that vogue industry sometimes can’t dare to have it! Currently they are trendy again! Fine net ones are especially spicy! Stockings changes woman’s behavior and life perception!

Here are some have-to-know-things for the right stocking buying:

1. Character stroke on the pack. The first 1-3 figures is the producer’s country code (CC of Italy – 80-83, China – 690-691, Germany 400-440, England – 50, Australia – 93, Japan – 49, France – 30-37).

2. Full name of the producer.

3. Producer’s address: country, state, city, street, #. Sometimes an official website is included!

4. Percentage composition of the stockings.

5. Size table.

6. Size and color of the contents.

7. Description of the stockings.

8. Scent. It’s the first thing we feel when opening the pack. Stockings of high quality are treated with precious scent very close to the one of nice perfume. So, it is obligatory to smell the linen. Fakes smell of rubber and it’s very stable!

9. Anatomical form of the stocking (this characteristic is to be printed for the thin stockings only owing to the production peculiarity). Stockings should keep the shape of the woman’s leg. This characteristic allows outlining the leg accurately stearing off the pleats. Pique stocking usually do not follow this rule.

10. Tree effect. Not all women know about it! Though it’s the main characteristic! Take the stocking and examine it for transparency. You’ll see the circles just like at the tree saw cut.

It’s done thanks to the unique three-ply thread braiding. Strongly pronounced circles indicate a high quality of the linen. Fakes can be easily recognized by the slight reminding of the circles or their complete absence!

Use these rules and be as experimental and brave as this sexy garment itself!


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