Bad FashionTrends of 2008

New trends come round every year and 2008 has been no exception. From shoulder pads to high-waisted trousers, everyone from designers to celebrities have been sporting the trends we’re suppose to love.

As they trickle down from the catwalk to the high street, some trends have certainly been ‘interesting’ this year and have seemed to linger much longer than the S/S and A/W constrictions of any designer collection.

First to appear on the list of worse trends for 2008 are surprisingly, skinny jeans.

These are now a staple essential within most people’s wardrobes, however as they get tighter and skinnier the trend is starting to lose it appeal. They may look great tucked into boots, but they aren’t suited to everyone.

Keeping up with fashion can be tough sometimes, but skinny jeans are just plain uncomfortable. Get a pair of wide-legged jeans and breath a sigh of relief.

Second on the hit-list of awful trends to appear in 2008, has to be over-sized sunglasses.

glam_betsey_johnson_sunglassesOver-sized sunglasses have had their day now

Queen of the over-sized sunnies trend is Nicole Richie.

The tiny star wore this trend to death this year, and as the sunglasses got bigger she tended to look more ridiculous. Thankfully, this trend didn’t take off fully in the UK, we suppose the British weather is to thank for that.

Next to feel our wrath are knee-high gladiator sandals.

Chanel walked them down the catwalk, and the likes of Victoria Beckham and the Olsen twins have been spotted wearing them. These are just really ridiculous, and it was unanimously agreed they had to feature on the list.

Roisin Murph tries out the horrible knee high gladiator sandal trend

The gothic trend has been huge this year and has been recognised as a great trend of 2008 but things went a little to far when people started wearing black lipstick to match. This look just didn’t quite hit the mark and unlike most trends shown on the catwalk, the high street was reluctant to pick this up.

Finally to make our list is the skull motif trend.

This appeared on scarves, cardigans and hats, but it was all a bit too Pirates of the Caribbean for us. Hopefully this one will go away as quickly as it appeared. But if celebrities, like Mischa Barton and Ashley Simpson-Wentz continue to wear them, it may take pride of place on our top trends of 2009. Who knows?

FemaleFirst – Stacey Malvern


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