Katy Perry bio

That’s interesting Katy Perry’s bio.


Sassy and savvy, confident and feisty, bright and unpredictable, smart and multi-talented, sarcastic and sensitive, Katy Perry can be different but what is important is that she’s always sincere in everything she does. Katy Perry combines sass and spunk, the cheeky, club-ready pop music of Lily Allen with the commercial pop/rock of Avril Lavigne and Alanis Morissette adding provocative but humorous texts to get what we see topping chart lists everywhere – unique Katy Perry sound. “I don’t care who I’m compared to as long as people listen to the music,” Perry says. Her songs are reflection of her life experience and her emotions, it’s all in there. Love her or hate her, but put music first, that’s all Katy Perry wants.


2 responses to “Katy Perry bio

  1. i really agree with you and anyways i love her so she can be lezbian and me still like her cuz of her music and the way she acts

  2. she’s cool. she got my attention with her music.

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