Hair Trends for Winter 2008-2009

Women’s Hair Trends for Winter 2008

hairstyleWomen’s Hair Trends for Winter 2008Are you looking for a new do that will help you greet the season in style? There are some hot new looks in hair this winter, and many of the styles are easy to get and even easier to maintain. Whether you are looking for short or long, curly or straight, there is a new style that will match your own personal flair.

Bobbing for Style

Victoria Beckham is one of the top trendsetters of the season, as evidenced by the fact that her new do is now showing up all around the Hollywood circuit. An inverted bob that is also known as the “Pob” can be successfully done on just about any face shape or with any hair type, with the help of a few modifications. This style is cut shorter at the nape of the neck, with ends tapering down as they approach the face. It is generally cut with a straight razor that can add body and texture to the look, and is sometimes seen with some wicked highlights either just around the face, or throughout. A bit of pomade and a blow dryer are generally sufficient to get the look you want in the morning, but a shine serum can also enhance the effect of this do.

Crop Chic

Another popular look for this season is the short crop, which can also be referred to as the pixie. Pixie cuts can be ultra short and styled close to the head, or fall to the nape of the neck where is can be blow dried outward for a sassy flip. This short style is generally cut into many layers and then styled with a blow dryer and styling brush. A smidgeon of styling gel can be used before blow drying to hold your style in place. This short and sexy style is perfect for those with an oval face shape, but it can be modified for other women as well. Talk to your stylist about the best short style for you.

Get Shaggy

The layered shag was a hot look more than thirty years ago, but it is now back with a vengeance and a total mod look. Wear yours about chin length with plenty of long layers that will add volume to your style. Go long with your bangs and wear them swept to the side for a sexy, tousled look. This is another style that will work well with almost any hair type, and requires only a bit of volumizing mousse and a round brush for some great styling action.

Long and Luscious

Of course a long, flowing mane will never go out of style, but there are some ways to update your tresses this season. First, low ponytails and chignons are a great, classic look for the office, and you can add a bit of shine serum for some extra panache. Another good option to dress up longer locks is to sweep curls up to the top of the head in a big, beautiful updo. The more curls you let loose, the cuter the style will be. Keep in mind that when you are wearing hair down, straight and sleek seem to be the buzzwords of the season.

No matter what length you choose to wear your hair, you can find a hairstyle that will be up to the minute this season. Check out what the trendsetters are wearing, and find the do that will work the best for you. Love your hair.



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