Winter 2008 – 2009 shoes: Heels or Platforms

Winter is around the corner and we have to think about footwear for this snowy season. Couturiers have determined the hot trends of this winter already and we can start looking for a pair or two that will save us from winter cold.

Platform heels

Platform heels

Choosing designer footwear is always a complicated thing. When we see collections on the runways we usually consider the models to be too vulgar, radical, exquisite, brutal, glamorous, etc. It often seems to us that while creating lines designers were reflecting about everything but not an ordinary woman who has to lead a hectic life.

But when we look closer we see that this trapeze skirt can go well with high-stiletto or that coat may be very well accessorized with a pair of ankle boots.

high heel ankle boots

high heel ankle boots

This way we realize that extremely high heels, huge platforms or even a weird structure instead the first and the second can be quite acceptable for every day wear. And we should just have a close look to select something that really matches our own style.

First of all we have to decide what we prefer: heels or a platform.

Let’s start from heels.

The trendy heel for winter 2009 is a very high and thin stiletto. It must be at least 4 inches long and as thin as it can be.

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