Angelina Jolie – get the look

Love her or hate her, Angelina Jolie is infamous for breaking the rules.

Far from fitting into the Hollywood mould, she chooses to play unique strong characters much like herself, in movies like Girl Interrupted and Mr and Mrs Smith. She further separates herself from the Hollywood pack with her distinctive tattoos, risqué love life and work as a Good Will Ambassador for the United Nations. Despite these differences Angelina is still renowned as one of the hottest woman on the planet.

Simply Looking Good

When Angelina walks the red carpet she is a vision of glamour. Taking influence from the 1940s silhouette, Angelina wears long and lean outfits that show off her feminine curves. Tactile fabrics like silk, satin and leather are used to create smouldering sex appeal that puts her on Hollywood’s best dressed lists. The mother of two, however, has a more practical side too. Angelina’s off work style is as smouldering and sexy as her on screen personas but is compiled with practicality in mind. A casual base of well cut denim, pants and sexy fitted tops are spiced up with ethnic details such as belts, earrings and necklaces.

Angelina, whose skin is usually a beautiful golden bronze, is often seen in shades of caramel and gold to accent her skin and dark features. We love the pictured tie waist camisole from Ezibuy label Urban . This basic long line camisole would look perfect with your favourite well cut denim, a pair of relaxed sandals and luxe ethnic jewellery for an Angelina inspired look.

In the Details

Any fashion follower will tell you that accessories maketh the look. This is obviously something Angelina ascribes to, whether it be a pair of gorgeous gold earrings, a simple chain necklace against a silk black gown or a killer pair of heels. This idea carries through to her day-to-day life. She is often spotted wearing relaxed resort-wear inspired hats, carrying over-sized safari inspired canvas carry alls, or my favourite, wearing a range of individual belts that spice up even the most plain pair of jeans.

When looking for accessories, look at the details such as buckles, buttons or gold, silver and shell detailing. Angelina maintains a natural look during the day and keeps the simple slinky shiny look for the red carpet. We love the pictured matte gold and brown suede plait belt from Dotti. This would look great with a pair of jeans or over one of this season’s silk summer dresses to add a bit of spice.

Bare Faced Vamp

Angelina jolie

Angelina jolie

Gracing the cover of magazines like Vogue and Instyle, Angelina’s modelling background has served her well. She is listed among Hollywood’s best for her style, beauty and sexiness, with a look that is easy to achieve at home.

Her glowing, golden skin is achieved by applying a base of light illuminating foundation and then lightly brushing over a golden bronzing powder to set. A subdued apricot toned gel or liquid blush is then applied to the cheeks. Focus on the apple and then blend in to achieve a subtle glow. The eye lids are coated with an illuminating cream based eye shadow in a grey.

Bronzer is then dabbed in the inner eye using a q-tip and the eyes are lined with a black eyeliner pencil working from the outside in. Eyelashes are made vixenish with two coats of mascara. Apply from the very base of the eyelash and move up flicking away from the eye. Perfectly brown pencilled eyebrows frame the eye to create a moody and seductive look.

With lips like Angelina’s you need to do very little. If you are blessed in the same way, neutral tones will serve you best. If you want more luscious lips then brush over a coat of gloss.

Long Lush Locks

Angelina’s hair has been everything from ‘dark as can be’ black, to vavoom blonde. Angelina looks best however, with dark long hair that frames her dark features and stunning eyes. She wears her locks sleek and sultry to accompany classic clean lines on the red carpet. Alternatively, she uses vampish volume to create playful curls or 40s-esque glamour. Volume is achieved through the use of curlers and medium hold mousse, as seen in the pictured look. Angelina is also often spotted sporting a simple sexy up-do which is practical and brings emphasis to her natural beauty.



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