J’aime by Jaime Pressly

When celebrities decide they don’t want to continue their clothing line anymore and close up shop.

Well we are sad today because Jaime Pressly decided to throw in the designer towel and has discontinued her Jaime Clothing line.

The clothing line which debuted in 2006 was known for its sexy lines, flowy materials and somewhat Bohemian touches.  People.com reports that Jaime had to give up one thing to keep her life in balance.

Before I had the baby, I could do “My Name is Earl” 12-14 hours a day and have a clothing line.  But having three full time jobs, the most important being a mom, something had to give.  Obviously, I can’t get rid of the show, and I’m certainly not getting rid of my son,” she joked.

Well, it’s good she has a hit show and a cute 16-month-old son, Dezi, to keep busy with.  We’ll miss your clothing line, Jaime!

To get a whiff of the J’aime collection one more time, do visit their website before it’s completely shut off, at http://www.jaimeclothing.com, or look out for J’aime stuff at eBay.  You might find something good.

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