Smokey Eyes or Smoky Eyes Make-up Tips!

I’ve always adored the smokey eye look. It is so sexy and dramatic, mostly used for the night look. However, if done in lighter shades and not heavy layering, it can still be appropriate for the day.

Like yourself,  I have searched the net for hours when trying to learn on how to get the smokey eye look. Found tons of video tutorials and read many instructions on how to create the look. Many of them were way too long and complicated, stating that you need about 20 make up tools to create the look.

Obviously, it’s quite useful to have all those tools and colors, however, you can still create the same look by using your basic brushes, sponges, and colors. What I decided to do is create a 3 minute easy-breezy tutorial, that will create the perfect smokey eye look that can be used by make up challenged people such as myself! He-he

You are going to need:

1.    Foundation or as make up artist like to call it a primer
2.    At least 2 eyeshadow colors. I used gray and black ( they were both sparkly and not matt)
3.    Black eye pencil
4.    Mascara
5.    Eye shadow sponge or a q-tip
6.    Eye shadow brush

And STEPS >>


2 responses to “Smokey Eyes or Smoky Eyes Make-up Tips!

  1. Good post and thanks for the useful information.

  2. I don’t know much about makeupim 22yrs and I would love to learn how to do the smokey eye look.

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