Platinum Clutch worth $500,000 seen at the Emmy’s

The Emmy’s are a big deal event and people have different reasons for watching them. The most obvious one is to check out their favourite stars and shows being honored! For me however, the main reason is fashion. Put a bunch of stars on a red carpet and you know you will either witness some amazing creations or some amazing fashion fiascoes.

The 60Th Annual Prime-time Emmy Awards on September 21 featured something of great interest to me. What is that, you curious people ask? The Platinum Clutch designed by Cate Adair. If you are clueless as it who that it, Adair is the costume designer for Desperate Housewives. I must admit the show sucks, but it has some fantastic clothes and accessories for the beautiful women.

The Platinum Clutch costs just over $500,000, but that’s okay as the credit cards that go in it will be worth much much more than that. If you live in New York, check out the super awesome clutch at Kwiat’s new store on Madison Avenue. It is a beautiful clutch studded with diamonds.



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