Jennifer Lopez at the Dolce & Gabbana party

J Lo d&g

Jennifer Lopez at the Dolce & Gabbana party

Jennifer Lopez ran a freaking triathlon after giving birth.

She juggles a hit singing career with being a great actress and a celebrity mom with no nannies.

To put it mildly, J-Lo is superwoman. So if she can manage all those things flawlessly, how is it possible that she can’t put together a good outfit for the Dolce & Gabanna party celebrating Domenico Dolce’s 50th anniversary.

Just because it’s a 50th anniversary party doesn’t mean the invitation said,

Dress like you’re 50 years old!”

The dress is too sparkly, too baggy, and has too much going on. If J-lo would have toned this outfit down a bit and had it tailored so that it fit her body, we could have had a winner on our hands.

Instead, this shiny catastrophe looks like something a partially blind grandmother would wear to a cheap cruise ballroom.



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