Designer Marc Jacobs handbags for Spring-Summer 2009

Spring is all about expressing yourself more freely, and this is naturally reflected in the clothes and accessories we wear as well. Fashion designers, it is only understandable, are not the ones to overlook this – on the contrary, it’s on what they base all their creations.

However, out of the lot, it’s perhaps Marc Jacobs that really asks you to be bolder and more beautiful than ever come this spring, with the newly launched collection of bags plus accessories at New York Fashion week.

Marc Jacobs spring/summer 2009 handbags collection

Marc Jacobs spring/summer 2009 handbags collection

To start with, as attractive and colorful as this new line might be, it’s not for everybody.

Marc Jacobs has always been a designer for the select few because his limits in terms of creativity are close to non-existent, therefore everything that comes out bearing his signature is audacious beyond imagination.

The same note of boldness characterizes the latest line as well – multi-layered, shiny and almost too flashy for their odd combination of colors, the Marc Jacobs bags are made exclusively for women who are not afraid to have all eyes on them no matter where they go.

And, believe it, that will happen – guaranteed – with one of these totes strapped to one’s shoulder.

While there is close to none innovation in terms of size (we have either huge handbags or minuscule totes), what Jacobs brings new to the scene is a certain feeling that any woman proudly donning one of his latest creations cannot do so without being accompanied by a fanfare and the amazed gaze of passers-by.

These bags not only speak originality and independence – they literally scream for well-deserved attention with everything they got, from the many purls and fringes, to the chains and beads that seem to almost bear down on them.

And, as if this splash of color brought by the bags was not enough, Marc Jacobs also invites his female costumers to take even that extra step with his accessories, to borderline extravagance. This time, size is everything, as also is quantity.

Huge bracelets, juxtaposed if possible and of contrasting shades, are clearly a must.

Obviously, whoever is the proud lady to pull this combo off without a hiccup can’t but be the very essence of glamour – which is precisely what Jacobs was aiming for here.


2 responses to “Designer Marc Jacobs handbags for Spring-Summer 2009

  1. Marc Jacob Handbags

    I loved this bags? Anyway, thanks so much for the cool link! It’s been favorited for future design inspiration. 😉

  2. Nice post with nice pics, thanks for sharing!

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