Sanaa, Ana, and Kim All Wear Michael Kors

Jumpsuits have been all the rage this season, and this black Michael Kors jumpsuit seems to be the celebrity favorite.

Sanaa Lathan, Ana Ortiz, and Kim Kardashian were all recently spotted wearing the strapless jumpsuit on different occasions, although it was Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson who wore first a few months ago. As for who wears it best, Ana and Kim get points from me for adding a belt.

The belt visually breaks up the piece and almost gives the illusion that it’s actually a strapless top paired with black slacks.

All three ladies look fab, but I think Kim’s look is my fave. She makes it look so glamorous with her oversized shades and flowing locks.



One response to “Sanaa, Ana, and Kim All Wear Michael Kors

  1. I would definitely go with Kim on this outfit. Then Sanaa. Sanaa’s pants seems to be a little long. Try hemming them before wearing them again, but she looks great in spite of her pants. The other woman just looks a little plain in hers.

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