Cuddling up to Karl Lagerfeld

Ever felt like cuddling up with Karl Lagerfeld?

A German company is making a high-style teddy bear modelled on the Paris-based fashion designer, right down to his white-collared shirt and jet black tie.

The Steiff company, which makes stuffed animals, got Lagerfeld’s blessing to design the bear. It will be offered in a limited edition run of 2500, at a price of about $1,721 per bear.

The bear will be available starting September 15 through the company’s website or in select stores.

It is covered in alpaca wool and stands 40cm tall. It will be decked out in clothes and accessories Lagerfeld himself approved – sunglasses, jeans and a belt buckle studded with his own initials.

Karl Lagerfeld bear

Karl Lagerfeld bear

Lagerfeld said in an interview released by Steiff that he had a teddy bear as a child.

I really love animals, particularly when they are stuffed with cotton or polyester,” said Lagerfeld, who grew up in Hamburg, Germany.

That way you can guarantee that they won’t bite, won’t claw, won’t smell bad and make your things dirty.”

But Lagerfeld said he is not likely to take the bear to bed.

I sleep totally alone, only with myself,” he said.


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