Q&A: Winter style for students

Winter Style for students

Winter Style for students

The problem: I am a financially challenged student hoping to recreate the winter look. I love Burberry Prorsum for daywear and Lanvin for evening and want similar looks from the high street to flatter my petite (5ft 3in), curvy (size 10-12) figure. My budget is about £200-£300.

It is a happy day when such a request falls on our desk. You have a tidy sum to spend on clothes and have referenced two of our favourite designers. If you break down the Burberry look there are three key elements: a woolly hat, a power coat and a dramatic mirrored necklace. The hat and necklace are easy to come by and shouldn’t dent your budget too much. COS has a near-replica of Burberry’s mirror-shard necklace for only £17 – in fact, have a proper look in COS as it has plenty of catwalk-inspired designs, which you can wear under the aforementioned coat.

Talking of which, Marks & Spencer’s Limited Collection has an extremely stylish cornflower overcoat with a strong button detail similar to that at Burberry for just £79 (www.marksandspencer.com). That pretty much sorts your daywear then, as long as you don’t forget to invest in a stack of trousers: Zara seems to have every style going (peg-leg, high-waisted, flared) from as little as £30 . If you are looking to Lanvin for evening, all you need is a navy blue or black dress that wouldn’t look out of place in an Eighties disco. New Look’s black silk-fringed dress shows just the right amount of shoulder and thigh and costs only £50. Add sheer black tights and enjoy your new look.



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