Teen fashion trends for school

When school starts, it always means a time for renewal in teen fashion (read: a time to find a great new look!). The first day of school has passed, and hopefully, the first appearance you made after the summer break was a good one, because first impressions do matter. But never fear, there’s always room for improvement!



Keep things simple and classic, nothing in-your-face or over the top. It’s okay to be a little trendy, but you have to adapt the trends to your personal style, or you’ll end up looking like a major trend-chaser. Put on the confidence! If you don’t have it, fake it. When you aren’t doubting yourself, no one else will doubt you or your clothing choices.

Create the Outfit

If you wore a great killer ensemble for your grand entrance the first day of school, just make sure you back up your outfit and keep your dressing pattern consistent. That is, don’t wear an ultra trendy, right-off-the-runway look and then turn around and wear simple jeans & a tee combo the rest of the year.

Look good, but nothing too dressy or attention-grabbing (only exception is if that’s the look you’re going for the whole school year!).

Here are several teen fashion looks to consider:

Chic & understated: Black tee with dark denim hipsters, black boots, low-slung black belt, plus an oversized eye-catching necklace in turquoise, silver, or coral. Tres chic!

One part western, one part sophisticated: Distressed boot cut jeans, fitted striped oxford (stay away from plaid to avoid a complete cowgirl look), fringed belt, and pointy-toe boots. Remember to coordinate shoes and belt!

Athletic-inspired: Although a too-cute track suit is absolutely perfect for any other school day, it’s just too casual. Instead, wear a sleek, colorful hoodie in terry or velour with a sharp denim mini, fitted tank, and bright new sneaks.

Updated Gypsy: Change the vibe of serious chino trousers (low-rise, a little baggy, but still chic) with a hippie-esque embroidered peasant top. Throw on a few beaded bracelets and add a pair of semi-dressy kitten-heeled sandals.

Add the accessories: Accessories definitely make or break the clothing. The perfect shoe & belt combination, plus jewelry is required for any great look. Here are five things that you need to fully accessorize this school year:

Fringe suede belt: Adds a rustic appeal to hipsters and a sleek tee. Turquoise. There’s nothing better than a great turquoise necklace or cuff with black – such a clean, chic combination!

Chandelier earrings: So elegant, yet so easy to pull off! These gorgeous jewels look just as great with an evening gown as they do with a feminine top and denim.

Trendy sneaks: Required both for those stylishly sporty and those just plain stylish. A great pair of sneaks can take you anywhere.

Boots: Whether you choose a sleek black or distressed brown leather style, the look will definitely be hot!

Important stuff to keep in mind when considering the complete picture of your teen fashion look for school: Your school necessities should be funky and fresh, just like your style. Search for cool versions of old classics – denim or corduroy messenger bags, bright backpacks, cute notebooks, girlie pens. Look for femme backpacks at kid’s clothing stores where there’s lots of eye-catching pink, purple, green, orange, etc. Check stationary or office supply stores for stylish paper and pens.

Also try re-decorating certain things: decoupage notebooks (add glitter, stickers, ribbon, magazine pics, and other pretty items), cover a binder with Autumn-ish materials like corduroy, or girlify a backpack with ribbons, buttons and fabric paint.

Make a point that you don’t get all dressy and cute the first day, and then every other day wear trainers and track pants. Plan an entire month out in outfits. That way you can focus on what school is really about – homework and important stuff (don’t forget guys, friends, socializing.).

Whatever your tastes are in teen fashion, let the Internet be your source for what’s new, what’s in and what’s not. You’ll find many, many online retailers and catalogers that specialize in the latest in clothing and accessories for teens.

Have a great year!


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  3. i luv skinny jeans along with a cami and an unbuttoned plaid shirt and high top converse! Just some tips! i am 13 going in 8th grade so it may not be like high school fashion but it’s ME!

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