Mischa Barton gets naked for 99-cent undies?

The way Mischa’s career has been going lately, this wouldn’t be that surprising, but no, of course it isn’t real. Clearly, the image is merely the actress’ face plastered on of some random topless body.

But where did it come from?

The photo was snapped by a reader of the blog, dlisted, who writes: “So I’m going through the aisle and I see that this store sells everything, the kitchen sink, your moms, and panties. Below is the picture of the panties they are selling. I’m pretty sure Mischa Barton doesn’t want you to know she’s hawking 99 cent store panties.”

Not exactly a stellar Photoshop job by the makers of Tyrone’s 99-cent underwear — but you never know, it might fool some people into dropping their hard-earned quarters on a pair of Mischa panties.



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