Good makeup and bad makeup

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez positively glows in the fresh faced look on the left, but an overload of shimmery charcoal eyeshadow and too-nude matte peach lips weighs her down.


Same pose, different face! She’s got the eye makeup and blush, but Fergie must have forgotten her foundation at home. Smooth even skin paired with bright defined lips help Fergie look truly Gorgeous.

Christina Aguilera

Ms. Aguilera loves to emulate Marilyn Monroe’s blonde bombshell style, but shiny red lips, heavy eyeliner and way too shimmery shadow hide the Beautiful girl underneath.

Jessica Simpson

It’s Jess the Joker! Simpson admitted to over-plumping her pout with Restylane, and this bright red lipstick sure didn’t help.


Even Beyoncé seems aghast at her over-styled look on the right! This natural beauty looks best in subtly colored, minimal makeup (read: no vampire-red lips

Drew Barrymore

If Drew were on her way to a Halloween party, we might understand this look. Unfortunately, she caked her face with white powder for the London premiere of her blockbuster Charlie’s Angels. Scary!


2 responses to “Good makeup and bad makeup

  1. what happened to drew?

  2. beyonce’s has been photeshoped you can tell

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