Floral Hair Arrangements Beauty Trend 2008

The latest way to spruce up your coif? Adorn locks with some pretty flowers.

What the experts say: According to the February 2008 issue of Allure magazine, floral hair accessories are in, uh, full bloom. Hair stylist Bob Recine says depending on how you style, the flowers in your hair will make you in . . . or out. Don’t arrange the hair around the flower- that’s what a hairdresser would do. When you perfect beauty, you sacrifice charm? Stylist Orlando Pita adds, “You can play with color and can get away with things you cant get away with in bows and ribbons. Plus, flowers can soften pulled-back, severe hair and make long, loose hair even more romantic?”

What we say: With all the gloomy weather lately, this trend seems a little premature, but once the spring enters the picture flowers will be a welcome change from those itchy wool hats. An easy way to don a faux flower is to place one in French twist—but, please, abstain from matching your flower to your clothes or you’ll look like you’re ready for Kindergarten.


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