Summer Hairstyle – 60s Big Hair

New Trend of 2008: ’60s Big Hair

Summer’s here and it’s time for a hairstyle tune-up!
Each new season bring lots of fabulous hairstyles that can catch your attention and make you consider trying them out and get yourself a makeover.

As you could see, short(er) haircuts took the pole position of trends in tresses, but also mid-length and longer manes are top favorites on the runway, celebrities and these are also worn by lots of fabuleux ladies out there!

Big hair with tons of volume is back this year. Create yourself a voluminous ‘60s coiff that will make you look as if you had been vacationing in the south of France and lounging on the beach all day.

How to Get the Hairstyle

Start by spritzing volumizing spray all over damp hair, focusing on the roots. Blow-dry hair in two-inch sections, wrapping them around a large round brush to give shine and volume.


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