2008 Swimsuits Trends

It is almost here! The bikini season for 2008, and along with it… the bikini trends for 2008! This year, it is not about how much skin you can show. Bikini trends for 2008 are all about the parts of your skin that you do not show.

Styles and trends for 2008 swimsuits and swimwear. The 2008 swimsuits trends in bathing suits and  swimwear. The basic styles and trends of swimwear. This year 2008 swimwear is all about colors and shades of white, black, brown, gray and of course shades of blue and bright colors. The styles that are catching evryones eyes are ruffles on the bottoms, one pieces that show a little but of skin, bandeau bikinis and one pieces, stripes, and ethnic looks. Look for styles that have two tones, decorative sides in bikini bottoms and exotic designs.

G-strings and thongs did not quite make it into the bikini trends for 2008. Perhaps they simply showed too much skin for this summer. Instead of thongs, the most popular type of bikini bottom is the Brazilian cut bikini bottom – these bottoms do not let it all hang out, just a little. Low rise bikini bottoms are also still extremely popular, a few inches or more below the belly button.

Yes, string bikinis did make it into the bikini trends for 2008, but they are always in style. Other than that, it is fashionable to cover up a bit more this year. Expect to see even more tankinis on the beach than ever before. People love how versatile tankinis are. They are more comfortable and stay in place better than bikinis, but they are just as cute. Also, if you want to tan your belly, you only need to roll up your tankini top. Tankinis are a great mix between modesty and sexiness (hey, sometimes it is sexy to be modest).

Not all tankinis are modest, though. Tankinis come in a variety of lengths and styles. You can find tankini tops that reach all the way to the bottoms or tankini tops that still show many inches of skin.

Monokinis are also hot on the list of bikini trends for 2008. Is it a one-piece? Is it a bikini? Monokinis are a little of both. A monokini is like a bikini that has been attached by a piece of fabric or a one-piece with big scoops taken out of the sides. Monokinis offer a very interesting and mysterious look that many people love.

Bikini trends for 2008 extend way beyond simply what styles of suits are popular this season. Bold patterns are also very popular this season. Gone are the bikinis with tiny floral prints. In step bikinis with giant flowers printed on them – often only one flower for the whole suit. Big bold stripes are also a hit bikini trend for 2008.

Also look for tons of embellishments on bikinis – you will find lots of bikinis with embroidery and beads and sequins and ruffles. Anything that makes a bikini more than just a bikini is popular this season. What are you waiting for? Bikinis are starting are already appearing in stores. Bikini trends for 2008 are up and happening.


3 responses to “2008 Swimsuits Trends

  1. hey where can i find the 1st monokini with the stripes. It’s hot! Great posts.

  2. How much are these bikinis…?

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