Shopping for Teens Swimsuits – Advice

Teenage girls present a larger challenge when it comes to shopping for teens swimsuits. Spring is when a young girl’s fancy turns to thoughts of brand new swimwear. Last year’s bathing suits are so yesterday, so the search for this year’s perfect teens swimsuits begins anew every spring. Will it be a tankini, a bikini, a one piece or girl’s board shorts? The possibilities are endless, and the shopping can be too.

A Solution

Now thinking about getting new swimwear is one thing, but actually shopping for it is another. Any parent who’s ever been dragged from one end of the mall to the other knows just how difficult the task can be. But there is a very convenient alternative at hand.
Why not save the mileage on your car and your feet by letting your teen do the shopping online this season? There are hundreds of top designer swimsuit stores on the internet, as well as moderately priced swimsuits from places like Target and Lands’ End. With literally thousands of choices to be had, shopping online can be a great alternative to the mall crawl.

Few creatures on the planet are as self-conscious about their bodies as teenage girls. Some burst into puberty early while others are left waiting in the wings. Take measurements around the widest point of the bust and hips, and a waist measurement as well. This will prepare you to select a size in every style available. Be aware that sizes vary from one manufacturer to the next, so refer to each brand’s sizing chart to see which size most closely matches your measurements.
Here are a few extra tips to help pick out teens swimsuits for every stage of development.
To enhance a smaller bust, choose teens swimsuits with ruffles over the chest area. This adds a bit of fullness without resorting to inserts.

  • To de-emphasize a full bust, choose halter style tops that help the bust appear smaller.
  • To add curves to a boyish figure, select teens swimsuits with flared skirts or ruffles around the hips. Pair one up with a ruffled top and go from boyish to babe-like instantly.
  • To de-emphasize larger hips, choose suits that draw the attention upward. Lighter prints on top, and solid darker bottoms will work nicely together.
  • To to hide a larger waistline, choose a tankini swimsuit that takes the emphasis off the tummy. A one piece with a belt will also help create more of a waistline.

Swim Finder

Lands’ End has a nifty web page that can help teens find the best style of suit to compliment their body shape. The Swim Finder allows you to search for suits in three different ways.

Suit Sorter

The Suit Sorter allows you to view suit styles by choosing components from three categories:

* Suit Style
* Bra Style
* Leg Height

Once you’ve made your choices, click on the “Find It” link and view swimsuits with the features you want most.

Body Shapes

Choose the body shape that most closely matches yours, and you will be shown a variety of suits that are designed to enhance and flatter your figure.

Anxiety Zones

Choose the part of your body that causes you the most anxiety; bust, waist, or hips and thighs. The selector will show you suits that will either enhance or camouflage those problem areas as needed.

Must Have Swimwear Accessories

Don’t forget those oh-so-necessary accessories that complete the teen swimsuit ensemble.


* Oversized sunglasses are “in” for the 2006 season.
* The pareo is a must. It can be wrapped around the waist or bust.
* Sandals, or better yet, flip-flops are essential. One fun current trend is buying a pair of inexpensive flip flops and decorating them yourself. Hot glue silk flowers to the strap or add beads to make them really sparkle.
Sunscreen for everyone, no exceptions. Be sure to choose a formula that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. The protection factor chosen will depend on the individual’s skin tone, but a midrange factor of 20-30 is a good place to begin for medium skin tones, while those with very fair skin should start out with a protection factor of 40 or higher.


A great suit with the right fit, and a few accessories will have your teen ready for summer fun in the sun.


3 responses to “Shopping for Teens Swimsuits – Advice

  1. yes i always like to see teenagers in swimming suits 🙂

  2. wooooooooo teenagers in swimming suits…….ummmmmmmmmmhhhhaaaaaa :-*

  3. My parents won’t let me wear monokinis, bikinis, or v-necks, but I can’t find modest,affordable swimwear.

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