Dior Flower BlossomDior Flower Blossom

Shown: Dior Flower Blossom palette, $55. Visit Dior beauty counters.

Cameron Diaz dazzled at the 80th annual Academy Awards® in a strapless, pale pink Dior by John Galliano gown, and boasted a flawless complexion, thanks to celebrity makeup artist Gucci Westman, who used the limited-edition Dior Flower Blossom palette to create Diaz’s fresh spring look.

The product pays homage to the couturier’s passion for flowers, and works to lighten the complexion and brighten the eyes using five colours for layering. The blue flower neutralizes yellow tones, the bluish colour address the needs of dark circles, the pastel green butterfly neutralizes redness, while the white ladybug adds touches of light and the bright pink gemstones give the cheeks a rosy glow. Other products from the Dior’s makeup line were seen on a number of A-list actors at this year’s awards show, including Laura Linney and Keri Russell.


One response to “Dior Flower BlossomDior Flower Blossom

  1. Nice, nice……
    i’ll buy it…

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