Super (Model) Mommies

How many times do we forget that models are people too? It seems that we see them only as those beautiful out-of-this-world perfect amazons …
But yes, models are normal people, they eat, they have feelings & sometimes insecurities, but above all they are women.

Bianca Balti

Linda Evangelista

Cindy Crawford

Christiansen, Isabeli Fontana, Bianca Balti… some of the most beautiful supermodels who conquered every fashion runway and had their beautiful faces plastered on every fashion magazine/ad/billboard worldwide, are also devoted mothers.

Those incredible superwomen were embracing the changes their body went through, coped with a complete life changing blessed situation and still maintained their glorious careers along with a loving family life, still looking amazingly beautiful.  A lot of these stunning moms are still working today; all of them are looking more radiant, happy & much more in peace with themselves than ever. Proving us all that nature finds its way to connect us all through the beauty and spirit of womanhood, of femininity, of creating life.


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