The Prada Fairy Bag

The Prada Fairy Bag

Every so often, us bag lovers are teased with limited edition desiger bags. Everyone one wants one, but only a lucky few can get one. The Prada Fairy bag is one of those bags. It is a limited edition bag by Prada. Only a limited amount of these bags were made. There is a waitlist about a mile long for this bag and it is extremely difficult to get on to. This bag is hot, hot, hot right now! Celebs like Hillary Duff have been seen toting around their highly sought after Prada Fairy Bags.

What do you think the appeal of this bag is? Could it be the plum art print on the deerskin leather? This bag combines art, fashion, and top quality. It is unique. It is less about fashion and more about art. So for those who want to embrace and tote around art and design, this is the perfect bag. Rarely do you find such artistic work combined with a top quality designer bag. This bag is not like any other designer bag you own and will most likely be a collectible item. This bag is quite unique to say the least.

This bag can be bought for $2,290…if you are lucky enough to get onto the waitlist that is!


2 responses to “The Prada Fairy Bag

  1. nice summer bag!

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