Teen style icons.

Just take a moment to think back to your own teen style. Well, as for me, I can’t look at some of my teenage pics.

They’re awful! Especially the one featuring me in that purple dress I put on for my best friend’s birthday. Yuck!

Anyway, most teens face similar clothing problems.

Teenagehood is the time you start looking for your style, it’s the time you make ashion mistakes and learn the right things about your style preferences. It’s the time of stylish ups and downs.

When it concerns stars, and teen stars in particular, they are short of time for thinking: they need to rush to the red carpet!

These teens can feel no shame looking back on their teen style. Let’s check out some under – aged celebrities who can be taken for style icons:

Let’s take Harry Potter cutie Emma Watson.

She’s only 17 but it’s obvious she’s got an eye for couture that turned her into a real princess of style.

High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens, 19, can’t do without super glam gowns.

We must not forget 19-year old superstar Rihanna. She’s young but promising. She’s got a musical ear (thank you Jay-Z for showing her to the world!) and a huge sense of style

(I just wonder is it her stylist or her parents I should thank for it?)

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8 responses to “Teen style icons.

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  2. these are actually older and rather dated photos

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  8. What beautiful women simple as that
    Sure would be nice to find one of them in my vacation travel hotel room

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