New mum J-Lo loses 40 pounds in four weeks

Jennifer Lopez has embarked on a gruelling exercise regime in order to lose weight after giving birth to twins.

According to Closer magazine the star’s dedication extends to getting up at 4am to begin working out.

Three hour daily workouts seven days a week mean that the 38 year-old has lost 40lbs – at a rate of 10lbs a week – since having twins Max and Emme in Feburary.

She is understood to have put on almost 4 stone during the pregnancy.

A source told Closer that Miss Lopez has hired a crack team of nutritionists and personal trainers dubbed her ‘120 lb team’ which refers to her target weight of 8 stone 8lbs.

Her workouts consist of Pilates, a one hour cardio workout followed by an hour of weight training.
Despite embarking on such a gruelling schedule the 5ft 5 performer has limited her food intake to 1,400 calories a day and banned all carbohydrates.
Last week Miss Lopez announced that she plans to run a triathlon in the autumn. She said: “I want to make my babies proud.”

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