Bryan Adams Writes Song for Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse! newsBryan Adams and Amy Winehouse have developed a great friendship after her visit to his villa in the Caribbean. They are so close that Bryan wrote a song for Amy called “Flower Gone Wild”.

“Nobody saw the tears in your silk and lace, the scarred little kid behind your face”, sings Bryan, who took Amy under his wing.

Winehouse was so touched by the song that she accepted to perform it with Adam when he goes on tour this year.

After her great success at the Brit and Grammy awards, Amy Winehouse has been flooded with offers for her performances. According to Hello Magazine, George Clooney and Julia Roberts are prepared to put aside a million dollars for her performance.


One response to “Bryan Adams Writes Song for Amy Winehouse

  1. The first time I saw a performance by Amy on CBC TV, a relayed broadcast from the UK I believe, I was intrigued by her uniqueness. Hopefully, she will move on after the set backs in her personal life. Take Tina Turner for example and her difficult life with Ike. Sometimes, it takes hitting bottom before you see who your friends really are. This is what makes us stronger.

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